Main Street Preschool is located in beautiful downtown Tipp City, Ohio, within walking distance of the local public library, an art studio and a variety of downtown businesses. Main Street Preschool fills the need for those families who are looking for a hands-on environment for their children to take steps into the preschool world as they prepare for their entry into kindergarten. We emphasize the growth of the whole child. We provide a variety of activities for the children to experience growth in all areas of development: physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

About Main Street Preschool

  • We take learning outdoors to our outside classroom, the Play Garden.
  • We encourage development of language, vocabulary and positive communication.
  • We provide opportunities for making decisions & developing self-confidence.
  • We provide a variety of readiness experiences to enable each child the opportunity for continuous growth in all academic skills, i.e. by exposing them to simple math and science concepts.
  • We offer enjoyable and challenging physical activities for fun as well as brain development.
  • We explore many types of music, literature and art.
  • We provide group experiences to learn the techniques of social interaction and self-regulation.
  • We help develop a positive attitude to learning and life.
  • We help develop Christian character through Bible stories, praying before snack and modeling positive behavior.
A unique enhancement to Main Street Preschool is the Enrichment Class. This learning center provides opportunities for all of the children to work individually or in very small groups with the Enrichment teacher. During Enrichment Room time, children fine-tune their emerging skills with hands-on materials that allow for exploration and discovery. The activities support and extend the learning that is taking place in the classrooms. Much of the learning in the Enrichment Room each fall focuses on activities that help children build hand strength and fine motor skills–two areas that are crucial for developing the strength and coordination needed for handwriting.
Since 2005, Main Street Preschool has provided education in Tipp City, Ohio serving Miami and surrounding counties. Children from ages 3 through 5 come to learn in a nurturing and Christian environment.

About Tipp City Global Methodist Church

If you’ve found that you love Main Street Preschool, and you are looking for a church home in the Tipp City area, you’ll love it at Tipp City Global Methodist Church!
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