Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

We use Get Set for School, which is a multisensory-based curriculum. According to research by a preschool teacher, “Developmentally appropriate education for preschools involves using all the senses, but especially the main four: moving (kinesthetic), touching (tactile), seeing (visual) and listening (auditory)…. They learn by doing and exploring and testing theories—in other words, playing. Playing and exploring involves using many senses at the same time.”

Our curriculum focuses on:

• Readiness Skills
• Self-Help Skills
• Socialization Skills

Tearing leaves into small pieces is excellent fine motor practice, and then using a mortar and pestle to press the leaves into the play dough builds hand strength. Enrichment is added to the curriculum to allow all the children to work individually or in very small groups during a school week with our Enrichment instructor.
The children fine-tune their emerging skills with hands-on materials that allow for exploration and discovery. The instructor works closely with each teacher so that the enrichment activities support and extend the learning that is taking place in the classrooms.

During the Year @ Main Street Preschool

• provides a wide variety of activities for children to experience growth in all areas of development
• offers a nurturing and Christian environment to enhance social skills and hands-on experiences which allow children to use curiosity and creativity while expanding interests in math, science, language, art and music
• encourages small group activities to develop fine motor skills and sensory experiences

Special Activities

Learning and Fun… on a regular basis!

Service Projects for the Community

  • Yoga
  • Story Lady Visits
  • Public Library Visits
  • Field Trips
  • Halloween Parade with the Families
  • Holiday Celebration for the Families
  • Art Gallery


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