Lunch Bunch

When Does Lunch Bunch Happen?  

  • Every Mon., Tue., Wed., and Thurs.
  • Begins immediately after morning classes are dismissed
  • Pick up is at 1:00 or 2:00.


What Happens at Lunch Bunch?

  • The children pack a lunch to eat in the studio with friends
  • They learn good hand washing before lunch, how to unpack their lunch, manners at the table & clearing one’s eating space
  • Create appropriate conversations
  • After lunch, children will continue with fun and learning in Studio, Great Hall, Play Garden, or classrooms


Why is Lunch Bunch Beneficial?

  • Can be used to extend your child’s day
  • Reinforces and expands on concepts and curriculum from the classroom
  • Develops mentoring skills
  • Increases social development
  • 2-hour day focus encourages the children to participate in enrichment activities also geared toward classroom concepts being taught.

(Activities may include cooking & baking, board games, large-motor activities in the Great Hall or Play Garden, science experiments, etc.)

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