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By Jennifer Runyon

TIPP CITY – With the educational demands of today, it’s never too early to get started. That’s even more so when an environment has been created just for those educational beginnings. For that environment, look no further than the two-year-old class at Main Street Preschool.

“This is our one-day option for that first step into preschool,” said Suzanne Collins, Main Street Preschool director. She added, “Mrs. Oskey is patient, caring and loves working with this age group” and the class is designed especially for the two-year-old child.

Meeting Thursday mornings from 9:10-11:40 a.m., students work on important early readiness and socialization skills.

“At such an early age, the children are like sponges. They retain so much of what they learn,” said Jenny Oskey, teacher.

Oskey said the class works on numbers, shapes, and colors and added that, by the end of the school year, nearly every child is able to identify these objects when asked.

Known as “Terrific Tots,” this class also likes learning to share and play nicely in a variety of learning centers.  They develop gross and fine motor skills through indoor and outdoor play as well as sensory-stimulating crafts.

Registration is ongoing until the class is filled.  For more information or to register your child, call Suzanne Collins at 669-4707.

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