Lids, Lids and More Lids


“Lids, Lids & More Lids” mural in the Art Studio at Main Street Preschool in Tipp city was a school-wide art project this year made from lids & caps collected by all the children as they learned the value of recycling.

The preschool, located at Tipp City United Methodist Church at 3d & Main Streets, opened their Art Gallery for the preschool families & public recently.

Some of it is showcased at Tipp City Public Library through May. The Pre-K class made self portraits. The 4s & 5s sculpted animals and the 3s created caterpillars from recyclables. The 2s made a flower garden from handprints, and the multi-age class constructed life-size characters from “Once Upon a Time” fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

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