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Three Bears and Porridge

The Curious Cubs have enjoyed exploring the folk tale of Goldilocks and the three bears this week. We have read several versions, including one of an Inuit girl who snooped around the igloo of 3 polar bears by Jan Brett. We also read Somebody and the Three Blairs which is about a cub who snoops in the Blairs’ home. Then we read the story Goldilocks Returns about when Goldi is an old woman and returns to the deep, dark woods.

We made porridge on Tuesday and added our own toppings. We talked about how porridge is an old word for dried grains or legumes cooked with water. Now we use the words “cooked cereal” or “soup” instead of porridge. We made oat porridge (better known to the kids as oatmeal). Everyone tried some porridge, although some ate more than others!

We learned the nursery rhyme “Peas Porridge Hot” and learned peas porridge is soup made from dried split peas. We decided not to keep any of our porridge in the pot for 9 days, but one nameless student informed us that the father in that house does let food in a pot for several days!

The children discovered faux fur pieces and various sizes of chairs and bowls in the Dramatic Play area. They have enjoyed playing the story of the 3 bears.

Beach Day

Remember to wear any beach clothes to school on Tuesday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for some water fun outside.

Last Week

Unfortunately next week is the last week of school! What a wonderful year this has been. I must say this class has been the most delightful class I have ever taught. Thank you for sharing them with me each week. Wednesday will be our last day in the classroom.

Picnic at the Park

Meet all the other Main Street friends at Kyle Park on Thursday morning after 10:30. Bring your own lunch and drink.

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