Curious Cubs Chronicle – February





This month we have explored color through paint and light. Using an overhead projector, the children have spent extended periods of time over-laying colored cellophane pieces to create new colors. They have also peered through the cellophane, looking at the world colored in a new way. The children have created new colors by mixing two colors of water with hoses, funnels, turkey basters and scoops in the sensory tub. The children have mixed paint in the STUDIO, adding white and black paint in addition to mixing the primary colors.

We talked about feelings and how colors remind us of certain feelings. The children created their own small book The Way I Feel. On each page, the children pasted a colored circle and then drew a face on the circle to show how that color makes them feel. Then they dictated a sentence such as “Blue makes me feel disappointed.” The older children also worked hard to write numerals on all the pages in their book.

Feelings and Music

We listened to a variety of instrumental pieces and moved with scarves to the music. We talked about the feelings each piece of music created for us. The pieces spanned the range of sleepy, excited, sad, happy, scared and silly.

Observing the Play Garden

We have been watching winter change to spring in our Play Garden. We have watched through the window and up close, taking walks around our garden whenever we are able. The children have noticed that the bulbs we planted in the fall are now pushing through the dirt!

Bible Stories

For the next few weeks we will be focusing on the theme of “God is with Us”. We will work with Psalm 23 (God is my shepherd, I have thing I need) and the story of the shepherd seeking the one lost sheep (Luke 15:3-6) as we talk about God being with us all the time, even in sad and happy times. We will explore how God is with us in safe and scary times as we hear the story of Jesus calming the fierce storm (Mark 4:35-41).  Through the story of the healing of a sick boy in John 45:46-53, we will discuss how God is with us in healthy and sick times.


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