Curious Cubs 3.24.10




Plant Small Group

We finished making a map of the plants we want in our play garden. Jack looked at all the plants and said, “We can’t buy all those plants for $30!” (We counted the money from our soap sale later and found a grand total of $34.) Luckily we have many gardening friends who are giving us many free starts.  We will begin planting after spring break.

Worm Small Group

The children have enjoyed digging in the Digging Area of our Play Garden and have found many worms. We have read a bit on worms in the classroom, learning a bit more about them. Today we filled a clear jar with alternating layers of sand and compost and placed the jar in a dark closet.  We will see what the worms did in their temporary jar home when we return from break.

Today the children noticed that one of the worms we placed in the jar was bleeding.  The children were distressed to see the worm bleeding. The children had learned earlier that when a worm’s tail is cut off, the worm can grow a new tail.  The children tried to console themselves that the worm would heal.  However, they decided it needed to be taken out of the jar and put back in the ground so it could heal with its family.  Madison said, “Now her mommy will take care of her.”

Bible Story

Since the Passover feast has surfaced several times in our Bible stories, the Cubs learned a little about this special celebration.  Last week we read a book about Passover, and this week we tasted some of the foods served during a seder. (We talked about how the Egyptians were hurt in the last plague while the Hebrews were not hurt instead of discussing the killing of the first born.)

We took a small piece of parsley and dipped it in salt water to remember the many tears the Jews shed when they were slaves in Egypt.  We tasted matzah bread and compared it to the leavened bread we ate for snack yesterday. We tasted the parsley as the “bitter herb” as a reminder of the bitter experience of slavery in Egypt.  We ate  haroset (mixture of apple, nuts and grape juice) to remind us of the clay the Jews used while slaves.  We also drank grape juice (instead of the wine of the seder).

NO SCHOOL NEXT WEEK! See you Tuesday, April 6.


Work on cutting. Continue to give your child opportunity to cut items out of paper.  S/he can help you cut out coupons from the paper or cut out pictures s/he likes out of old magazines for a collage.

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