Curious Cubs 3.17.10




Plant Small Group

Madison, Kennedy and Jack have been busy working to make a map our play garden. We will be charting where we want to plant our plants.  We looked at various types of plants outside—trees, bushes and perennials. We looked at evergreen plants and ones that just look like sticks right now.

On Wednesday the whole class helped with deciding where to place our tree and bushes. The class had helped to cut out certain plants out of garden catalogs.  These are plants that we plan to buy for the garden or are ones we can get from gardening friends for free.  We began gluing these pictures of our plants on our big map, thinking about which plants need sun and which plants need shade.

Shadow Small Group

Jaxon, Reese, Austin and Sydney looked at many different shadows outside.  They traced their shadows on the pavement with sidewalk chalk.

Happy Birthday to Jaxon!

We celebrated Jaxon’s 4th birthday on Wednesday and enjoyed a visit from his mom.  Thanks for sharing the yummy shamrock cookies and the tool book with noises!

Bible Story

We will be learning more about Passover in the next two weeks. We will try matzo next week.


Work on rhyming words. Make a game out saying words that rhyme with simple words such as pot and sun.  Read books with rhymes, and pause and let your child fill in the last rhyming word in a verse.

Upcoming Events

NO SCHOOL March 30, 31 for spring break.

Conferences Tuesday, April 20

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