Awesome Acorns Homework for 3.15.10




Awesome AcornsYour child has participated in the WIND small group for the past weeks.  Today we observed a wind chime outside and had a discussion about it.

We decided:

  • the wind makes the wind chime move
  • the pieces of the wind chime hit each other and make noise

We went inside and explored some various materials.  When two pieces of metal hit each other, they made a “clacking” noise.  When plastic beads hit each other, they made a quieter “popcorn” noise.  When pieces of wood hit each other, they made a quiet clacking noise.

The WIND group will be working to make our own wind chimes.  I told them to look around their homes for items they could bring in to use, and then ask for permission to bring these items to school.  If you could help your child with this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Also if you happen to have anything around the house that would tie the pieces together and survive outdoor weather, we would appreciate that too! (Strong fishing line, thin nylon string, etc.)


Lori Jans

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