Awesome Acorns Account – February





The Acorns have focused on animals this month, learning about amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. We have read many books about frogs, turtles, owls, ducklings and various mammals. Some books have been fiction while others have been non-fiction. We talked about the differences between real facts and information and made-up stories and imagination.

Brukner Nature Center brought some live animals to the school this month. The children touched the bumps on the back of a toad, felt a turtle’s shell, watched an owl turn its head and saw an opossum eat!

Imagination and Play Dough

The children enjoyed creating habitats and making up stories for small plastic animals at the play dough table. Along with green play dough, they have used small sticks and stones to create places for the animals to live. They interacted with each other, creating stories about the animals as they worked (developing hand muscles as well learning to share).

Snack Math

Each day the children have a sign to read informing them of how much to serve themselves at snack. The children learn to read and follow these instructions. Most snacks fall into either the “1 scoop” category or the “4 cracker” category. This month they found a sign instructing them to take 3 crackers and 3 cubes of cheese. This sign required them to stop and think a bit more. They all carefully counted out each snack item. Several quickly discovered that 3 and 3 made 6 pieces all together.

Bible Story on Fridays

For the next few weeks we will be focusing on the theme of “God is with Us”. We will work with Psalm 23 (God is my shepherd, I have thing I need) and the story of the shepherd seeking the one lost sheep (Luke 15:3-6) as we talk about God being with us all the time, even in sad and happy times. We will explore how God is with us in safe and scary times as we hear the story of Jesus calming the fierce storm (Mark 4:35-41).  Through the story of the healing of a sick boy in John 45:46-53, we will discuss how God is with us in healthy and sick times.


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