Awesome Acorns 3.5.10




Line Small Group

AJ, Annaleah, Gwen, Kaden and Katie continued to work with lines this week. They took a walk around the church looking for various types of lines. Some of the children realized that lines can be put together to make shapes.

Wind Small Group

Connor, Dahlia, Edward, Evelynn, Jack and Sydney continued to observe wind. We continue the check the wind each day and mark our findings on our chart. We drew the wind with crayons, thinking about what types of lines would express wind.

Spring Conferences

I will be out of town to a curriculum writer’s conference April 12-16. The Stars, Bees and Tots will be having conferences that week with no school for the Acorns and Stars on Friday, April 16.  I will schedule conferences for the Acorns and Cubs class the following week when I return.

Kindergarten Readiness

Learn to say your address and phone number. This is important safety information your child is able to now remember.  I always worked on learning this information while we drove in the car.  Once my children could correctly recall this information, we made a special stop for a favorite treat.


No School Mar. 29- April  2 for spring break

Field Trip to Brukner, Wed., April 14 (drivers needed)

No School Friday, April  16 (Preschool closed for conferences)

Conferences will be the week of April 19-23 for Acorns and Cubs

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