Awesome Acorns 3.24.10




Line Small Group

AJ, Annaleah, Gwen, Kaden and Katie looked at the lines that made up the letters of their names this week. They had to figure out which lines were straight and which lines were curved.  Then they glued collage materials to these lines such as straws, yarn, ribbon, etc.

Wind Small Group

Connor, Dahlia, Edward, Evelynn, Jack and Sydney began constructing wind chimes this week.  Each has strung some “found items” on fishing line.  In April we will be asking more questions as we work.  Do I like the sound it makes?  Can I change the sound it makes? Will it hold up in the wind?

Play Garden

We have been enjoying our time outside this month. The children have enjoyed digging in the Digging Area, finding worms, building with the sticks and logs in the Building Area, creating “hide-aways” in the cornstalk tunnel, jumping from stump to stump and running in the sunshine!

Plant Observations

We have been observing bean seeds planted in a clear cup.  One cup is in the window sill.  One cup is in a dark cupboard.  We have observed that the plant in the dark has the longest stem, but the leaves are small and very yellow.  The plant in the window sill has a shorter stem, but the leaves are bigger and dark green.  Connor observed one day, “The plant in the sun is black-green, and the plant in the dark is white-green.”



Work on rhyming words. Make a game out saying words that rhyme with simple words such as pot and sun.  Read books with rhymes, and pause and let your child fill in the last rhyming word in a verse.


No School Mar. 29- April  2 for spring break

Field Trip to Brukner, Wed., April 14 (drivers needed)

No School Friday, April  16 (Preschool closed for conferences)

Conferences will be the week of April 19-23 for Acorns and Cubs

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