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Pastor Dan explained “The Great 2015 Christmas Challenge.” We will partner with the church to bring in 10,000 pounds of foods until Christmas Eve to be donated to Needy Basket of Southern Miami Co in Tipp City. Since 2007, Main Street Preschool has donated jars of jelly and other food items to Needy Basket as a service project. Some of the teachers continued a discussion about food. The children learned the song “Aikendrum” about the man who lives in the moon and plays upon a ladle. Each part of his body is made of food. The students discovered whether each piece of food came from an animal or grew on a plant.


“…learning takes place when children are engaged and enjoying themselves.” (Hirsh-Pasek & Golinkoff, 2003)
Since frost was coming soon, the children harvested all the pumpkins and gourds in the Play Garden. The soft, rotten ones went into a box. Leaves from the ground were added and the box was set in the corner of the garden. Mrs. Jans asked, “Do you think this box of gourds and leaves will turn into dirt?” Each child made a prediction on our magnetic board. Later, in the classroom, they read a book on compost; Mrs. Jans asked the question again. Some decided to change their answers after reading the book. They will check the box over the next months to see what happens.
In the Studio the children had a chance to play with the worms in the worm composting bin. They had put in apple pieces a few weeks earlier. They noticed the worms were eating the apples.

Observing and making predictions are everyday activities at Main Street Preschool. Webpage 11-1-14 Composts


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