Be sure to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments at 669-4707 or email mainstreetpreschool@tippcityumc.org.  We want to help you help your child succeed.

MAINSTREET is now Main Street.  The logo has changed and that’s not all !   We’re updating our website.  It’s “work in progress.”  View the changes along the way!  Encourage your friends to do the same.  Visit www.mainstreetprod.wpengine.com

APRIL 15 & 16 – CONFERENCES Bees, Tots, Stars


  • A sign-up sheet is now available in the Waiting Areas.
  • Child care in the Studio for preschool child only.
  • Meet with teacher in the classroom.

CONFERENCE Schedule for Mrs. Jans’ Classes: Due to Mrs. Jans’ absence during the week of Conferences, she will hold her conferences on April 20 for Cubs and April 21 for Acorns.  The children will have class on these days.  More information & sign up sheets will be available from Mrs. Jans as the time gets closer.

For Those Who Registered for Next Year:

  • Preschool Packets will be sent home at your Conference appointment.
  • Preschool Packets should be returned by Friday, May 7.
  • Preschool Visit and Parent Meeting in August will give you an opportunity to update your contact & emergency information.
  • Tuition #1 payment and $55 Supply Fee Due by August 5.

EXTENDED DAY:  With the popularity of this new after-school offering, we’re planning to schedule Extended Day on a regular basis next year to allow families to make plans to use that time for appointments, shopping, etc.     Our next EXTENDED DAY is TUESDAY, APRIL 27.

OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF PRESCHOOLERS: During Bible Story one day, the story was about Jesus’ baptism.  The teacher didn’t know what kind of reaction she would get, especially since some may not attend a church and have no background experience with a baptism. (Even if they attend church regularly, they may not have any reference for baptism in a river as the story stated.)  After the story, time was allowed for the group to wonder about what they had just heard.  A student shared that his favorite (or maybe the most important) part was when Jesus was hypnotized!  It took all for the teacher to contain composure and a straight face to say, “You liked when Jesus was baptized?”   They are learning….

OUTDOOR CLASSROOM is taking shape.  Walk by the fenced outdoor area on a nice spring day. You can hear the joyous sounds of children.  You will see children running, climbing on fallen logs, hopping from stump to stump building balance and strengthening muscles.  You will see children “nesting” in cozy areas, or building structures with pieces of branches and logs and using their creativity and imagination.  You will see children digging in the dirt and mulch, finding worms and wondering about what will happen if they plant a found pinecone.  You will see children turning over stumps to discover what is underneath.  You will see children engaged with God’s natural world and loving every minute of it.


April 7    Library Trip for Acorns and Stars

14   Brukner Field Trip for Acorns and Stars (last of series)

15-16  Conferences for Bees, Stars, Tots   NO CLASSES

20  Conferences for Cubs – Cubs will have class

21  Conferences for Acorns – Acorns will have class

20  Story Lady

20-21   Lunch Bunch

26   ACORNS to Bair Dairy Farm  (more info later)

27   EXTENDED DAY between 12:00 – 3:00 p.m.

28   STARS to Bair Dairy Farm  (more info later)

28   CUBS to Studebaker Nursery (more info later)

May 5   Library Trip for Acorns and Stars

5-6   Lunch Bunch

7   Spring Program & Art Gallery  10:30

17-18-19   Last Day of Classes in the Classrooms

20   PICNIC AT KYLE PARK –  Last Day of Preschool for 09-10 Year!

Aug 5    #1 Tuition Payment & $55 Supply Fee Due

–    Preschool Visits Scheduled by Teachers  (more details to follow)

–    Parent Meeting at Preschool – Upstairs Wesley Room (more details to follow)

From time to time we like to remind our preschool families that Main Street Preschool’s  SCHOLARSHIP FUND is a self-supporting fund for preschool families who may need financial aid for a month or few.  There are gold-colored brochures available in the Waiting Areas and the Office if you would like to contribute toward a preschooler’s experience for next school year.  Our KROGER program and ongoing contributions from the church congregation has made this effort possible so far.

Please join our KROGER “Reward” program.  For $5, you receive a Kroger Card that has $5 on it, and you add money to it at a Kroger Service Desk.   MAINSTREET receives 4% each time Kroger Cards are used for purchases, including gas.  It’s easy to join!  Call the preschool office at 669-4707 or the church office at 667-2318 for your Kroger card.  We’d love your help as we increase our program offerings and our Scholarship Fund.

HOME-SCHOOL CONNECTION:  Set a consistent bedtime routine when the child is very young: perhaps a bath, a story or song, a cuddle and a goodnight kiss.

Tippecanoe Farmers’ Market will kick off its 4th season…. See next page for full article.  Thanks Diana Featherstone (daughter Maddie is a Cub this year)  for the info!

Tipp City, OH – The Tippecanoe Farmers’ Market will kick off its 4th season on June 12, 2010! Each Saturday, the Market provides hundreds of eager shoppers with a dynamic place to purchase the best products from local vendors – fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables, delectable baked goods and freshly prepared food items, beautiful garden plants and fresh cut flowers, amazing handmade products and more!

The Market, located in the heart of downtown Tipp City on Third at Main Street, is a great place to see your neighbors, grab a bite to eat and enjoy a beautiful Saturday morning.  Plus, there will be a variety of special events happening throughout the market season.

The Market will be open on Saturdays, June 12th through September 18th, from 9 am to 12:30 pm.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor or volunteering at the Market, please call 667-0883 or email info@tippecanoefarmersmarket.com. Or, for more information about the Tippecanoe Farmers’ Market, check out our website: www.tippecanoefarmersmarket.com.

The Tippecanoe Farmers’ Market is presented by Cincinnati Bell.
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